Monday, March 10


Here's a condensed version of the BRI's quiz on zombies. For the answers to this quiz, click here.

1. What is a zombie?
a) Someone possessed by the devil
b) Someone who's been given the evil eye by gypsy
c) A tropical drink containing lime, pineapple, papaya juice and four kinds of rum
d) A dead person come back to life

2. How does a person become a zombie?
a) Have a few of those rum drinks, and go and play in traffic
b) Flip through all 500 channels on your TV
c) Getting bitten or killed by another zombie

3. What do zombies drink?
a) Zombies
b) water
c) half decaf, half regular nonfat double lattes
d) nothing

4. How smart are zombies?
a) They'd be smarter if they didn't drink rum-based cocktails
b) Some intelligence but not much
c) Totally mindless
d) Dumber than mindless

5. What is the average life span of a zombie?
a) Until the next full moon
b) Two weeks at the most
c) Three to five years
d) With enough flesh, forever

6. How strong are zombies?
a) Weak - like a Zombie cocktail without the rum
b) As strong as they were when they were alive, just slower
c) Double the strength of a human
d) Able to leap buildings in a single bound

7. How do you kill a zombie?
a) Holy water
b) Destroy the brain
c) Feed it vegetarians until it dies from malnutrition
d) Tie it to a tree and wait for the sun to come up

8. What happens when you chop off a zombie head?
a) It dies
b) The body grows a new head, the head grows a new body
c) The body is dead, but the head still lives
d) The body will live on, but the head dies

9. What is the weapon of choice when fighting a zombie?
a) hand grenade
b) hatchet
c) flamethrower
d) rifle

10. How can you protect your pets from zombies?
a) Cats avoid them by instinct, but dogs will "fetch" an body parts fallen from a zombie
b) Bathe them in flea, tick and zombie soap
c) Dress them in little zombie costumes
d) Trick question - zombies only crave human flesh!

For the answers to this quiz, click here.


Anonymous said...

So many mistakes, it isn't even funny.
To begin with:
They have no normal functioning brains. They have no thought. The only thing they can think of is spreading the virus (biting people)

Zombies do not eat to survive. They eat to spread the virus (I'm talking about the original zombie. Not the BS they've been using in modern movies). Don't feed them flesh for a year and they'll still be up and...walking...

And three:
They will bite anything. Human or Animal. They don't actually eat to survive, but they'll eat anything they come across (Which isn't a zombie). There was something we had that attracted zombies. Both animals and humans have this particular thing. Can't remember what it was.

zipper said...

Well, I would take you seriously if:

1. You had noticed I'm NOT the one who wrote the quiz.

2. You had the balls to sign your name on your little nerd-alert inducing rant.

But thanks for stopping by, @-hole, uh, I mean, @nonymous!