Wednesday, March 12


I haven't been hearing new music I like, so this month's picks are padded with some older, but still great, tracks.

Love Is A Battlefield (American Idol) Brooke White - A great take on a classic.

Hello (American Idol) David Cook - Ditto. Another great Idol performance. Too bad they can't all be this good.

So Much Betta (Album Version) Janet Jackson - This little ditty, probably meant to be a throw-away, track filler is the go-to track when I'm in a goofy mood.

Ching-A-Ling (Album Version/Video Version) Missy Elliott - Another one, two punch from the queen of hip hop. While I was unimpressed with the 3-D video, this track has some serious pumps in a bump.

Fuego (Album Version) The Cheetah Girls - I love, love, love this song, and I'm not afraid to say it, now that TCG dumped a member.

Work [Steve Pilton & Max Sanna Extended Mix] Kelly Rowland - This one crept onto my playlist after hearing it on the DJ Cruz podcast. It took me forever to find this version, but I love it.

Go Girl (Album Version) Pitbull feat Trina & Young Boss - I have to confess: I'm a closet Pitbull fan. Lyrically, he's your typical, macho, sexist over-sexed Reggaton artist. But his backing tracks have the hottest live Latin percussion this side of the border. He also knows how to write a great hook: "Shake them dice, then roll 'em!"

Give It Away (Radio Edit) Deepest Blue - A great bit of Euro-Pop with a solid vocal and haunting hook.

Galvanize (Album Version) Chemical Brothers feat Q-Tip - As the time changes, I find I need something with a beat, a motivating lyrics to help me get out of bed... this one always fits the bill.

They Don't Care About Us (Album Version) Michael Jackson - I had an experience, recently, where racism reared its ugly head. This song was the only thing that captured the mood, but (somehow) helped me calm down, too.

The Game of Love (Album Version) Santana feat Michelle Branch - As the summer months approach, I'm getting more into fun, summer pop. This tops the list of tracks that make me wanna kick back and drink something with an umbrella in it.

Smooth (Blackwatch Radio Remix) iiO - The song I want to hear after a sun drenched day of drinking. Beautiful vocals, gorgeous Balearic guitar strumming and that soft, swaying beat.

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Marz said...

Can I have a CD of all these songs?