Friday, July 25


Yeah, I know. That headline made me raise an eyebrow too... but here goes:

Taco Bell publicly issued a letter to 50 Cent suggesting he change his name to 79, 89 or 99 Cent to help promote their new "79, 89, 99 Why Pay More!" line of products. They also said if the rapper would make an impromptu performance at one of their locations (rapping for his dinner, so to speak), they would donate
$10,000 to charity of his choice.

50 Cent, in response to the marketing gag, sued Taco bell, saying his good name and image had been intentionally ruined for profit and corporate gain.

I'm gong to have to give this one to Taco Bell, for getting any kind of response (and all the extra, free press) from the "hard-core," rapper... I mean do real gangstas care what Taco Bell does to market their new tacos? No, they just eat them.

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