Wednesday, July 23


If you don't know radio personality and gossip queen Wendy Williams, say How you doin? to her daily talkshow, now in syndication. (This is a test-run by her syndication company, too see if there's a possible market for her show later in the year.)

I've been a fan on WW for a while now - I even watched her short-lived VH1 show, The Wendy Williams Experience. She's a no-nonsense, tell it like it is sort of talk diva. And she's big on legitimate outings (not like Perez's Bloat, uh I mean Perez's Blog), which I love. I don't mean that I love outings, I mean to say I love that she's into legitimate gossip (an oxymoron, I know). I've seen her decline to discuss stories because she wasn't familiar with the facts, and I've seen her decline to discuss things with audience when she doesn't feel it has any entertainment value... that's a girl after my own heart.

So check your local listings, and say How you doin? to Ms. Wendy.

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