Monday, July 21


I had the chance to catch the first episode of the new season of the Bravo show Million Dollar Listing the other night, and I have to say... I think I'll actually watch Season Two.

They've switched the focus (and the geographical location) of the show this season, from the old-farts of the West-side to the young, gay(ish) Hollywood, Silverlake/Los Feliz and Malibu area. (For those of you not familiar with the Los Angeles area, Silverlake/Los Felix is so gay, it is often referred to as the Swish Alps.) The editing and subject matter of the show seem to be revitalized, refreshed and renewed, making the show oh so delicious and pretty watchable. (OK, so I only saw one episode, but still.)

The agents the focus on are much younger, and considerably hipper than in season one. More importantly, they seem to despise each other (openly), which should add to the fireworks. When the show roars back for a second season, I for one, will be tuned in, to watch what happens.

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