Tuesday, July 22


I know summer is the time when execs throw all crappy shows on the air, because no one is watching... but I'm here to say, I'm still watching. And I'm not to pleased. Sure, there are amusing shows like Wipeout, I Survived a Japanese Game Show and Project Runway, but then you also have... well, the rest of them. Here are a few, random thought on the current state of TV:

Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew:
What does Randy Jackson have to do with this show? And what the hell is up with the format? I'm a smart guy, and I find I have difficulty following along... although part of this is due to the lack of interest in what Shane Sparks has to say. But the bigger question is: who the hell is behind these "Master Mixes," and how can I make them stop? (Aside to Lil' Mama: you keep Shane is his place, girl: 10, 10, 10!)

Rescue Me:
What the hell is a mini-sode, other than a waste of everyone's time? If the writer strike affected you that severely, why not just do what many other shows did, and pack it in for the season? Or better yet, if you felt like you just had to tell another season's story, make a two-hour movie, or a multi-part mini-series, over a two week period? What the hell is up with these five minute vignettes? I've had bowel movements that lasted longer and were way more interesting.

Date My Ex:
OK, Lick my balls.
(Aside to Bravo Execs: get it together!)

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