Wednesday, July 23


The Los Angeles Times reports that ABC/Disney TV will replace the current team of At The Movies (you know, Ebert & Ropert's old show) with a new team, and a new format. One half of this team will be E! "Movie Critic" Ben Lyons. I put movie critic in quotes because Lyons is so much a critic, as much as he is a cheerleader for every big studio project the majors crap out.

And what's worse, I've heard him say things in interviews (and reviews) such as, "Wow, man," and ,"that's totally cool," only furthering my low impression of his journalist. He, like many other "journalists" on E! use the work, "like" excessively in both conversation and official reports.

I'm sad. Sad for At The Movies, sad for audiences, sad for movies. Disney ruins everything.

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