Tuesday, October 14


I have to cop to this now: I've been watching Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta. And I'm way into it after just one episode. (Not like Charm School Rock of Love, which I'm sure I'll will lose all interest in after a week or so.)

And I have to hand it to Bravo: they brought the funny and the drama, after just one show! (You can check out the show site here.) The brewing feud between Sheree (far right) and NeNe (right next to her, in the fierce orange gown) is just plain awesome. First of all, I'm so on NeNe's side. Secondly, Sheree shouldn't even be on the show, as she is so obviously a man, and thus, not a real housewife. Thirdly, if I had to be around any of the wives, it would be NeNe and her BFF, "black woman in a white woman's body," (her words, not mine), Kim. (Guess which one she is in the photo.)

I hated (and yes, I mean hate - a word I don't usually throw around) The Real Housewives of New York, because those bitches were just plain ol' lame. But these Atlanta women rock.

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Christopher said...

I wish I had arms like Sheree...and you just KNOW that that little "not on the guest list" was NO mistake!