Monday, October 20


I saw W this weekend (actually, a decent movie, check it out), and we were bombarded with previews that didn't really fit the type of movie we were watching.

One such preview was for the new graphic-novel turned movie, The Spirit. Its from the director of 300 and Sin City, and has the same, great dark comic look to it. You can find plenty of versions of the trailer in a simple Google video search... which I highly recommend, 'cause it has some great man candy in its main star.

Gabriel Macht, the star of the film is shirtless for much of the preview. Oh, and there are some kick-@ss action sequences you get to see. But the tasty abs and pecs make it worth sitting through the whole preview. You can check out Gabriel's IMDB page here.

Here are a couple of extra pictures of Gabriel, just for fun:

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