Monday, October 6


Here is a sampling of actual email subject-lines from my Yahoo! account:

Nationwide beer survey – earn $500
If beer surveys actually paid, somehow I think it would be lower than that

Your military experience could earn you up to $900,000!
Really? So that Marine I fooled around with in San Diego could actually pay off?

Unhappy Married People want to have an affair
Of course they do! The happy ones are already having affairs!

Would you meet me tonight if I was spicy or sweet?

Why choose? Just head to Taco Bell and get both!

Instant diet, from Your Colon

My colon is emailing me... and spam, no less

Woman raping a dog
That reminds me of a joke they tell in Alaska...

Suck’n’fuck dog
Geez, what is it with this dog?

The Golden Ticket to one night stands

I though Golden Tickets were for chocolate!

Claim your FREE baby clothes and diapers here

Alright, but something tells me they aren't going to fit!

Are you fat? Get sexy and skinny

Sure, just pop a handful of whatever Rachel Zoe gives to the Olsen Twins!

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