Saturday, January 24


Yes, try as I might, I couldn't get Lost. I tried watching from the beginning, on Sci-Fi Channel. I tried reading up, online - I kept hearing and reading (in the Times, no less) how amazing this show was, so I gave it several tries.

I even tried just jumping in, after one of those "catch-up" episodes on ABC.

But this show sucks, plain and simple. It is horrible. It makes no sense - and I don't mean that in a Battlestar, "I don't get who these Cylons are and who the humans are" sort of way. I mean it makes no sense, and I really don't have time to waste on garbage like this.

And finally, with the show's horrible ratings this week, I feel vindicated. Enough people finally lost interest in that piece of garbage from "genius" JJ Abrams. So adios to the island, the "monster" and all the attempts to seem cool by telling stories in a non-linear manner.

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