Saturday, January 3


The following is taken from Episode 10 (Season 1) of one of my favorite shows, Frisky Dingo. The Xtacles (Awesome X's personal fighting force), are on board their ship, trying to pass off a homeless, retarded man as millionaire playboy, Xander Crews.

Xtacle #1: So, who’s read Flowers For Algernon?

Xtacle #2: Oooh, that kid with all the goggles and the chains, and at the end he gets killed with a shotgun?

Xtacle #1: No, that’s Harrison Bergeron.

Xtacles: (In unison) Hollywood Squares!

Xtacle #1: That’s Tom Bergeron!

Xtacle #3: Brother of Menelaus!

Xtacle #1: Dammit, that’s Agamemnon!

Xtacle #4: Booch!

Xtacle #5: Booch!

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