Tuesday, January 20


First off, let me start by saying I loved, loved, loved the return episode of Battlestar Galactica. This episode is an example of why I love, and watch this show. (There was an incredible article on the show this week in the Los Angeles Times, which went into great depth about what makes the show so incredible.)

But as much as I loved this episode (I watched it twice, natch), I had one teeny-tiny issue: the final Cylon. Ellen? Really? That's it?

What about Starbuck, what's the deal with that?
And why Ellen? She's not that important (or interesting) of a character.

But I'm willing to put up with this little f**ck-over to find out the rest of the story. (Like what happened to Earth.) And the episode was full of some amazing twists and turs - the 13th tribe are Cylon? Dualla's suicide? Yikes, I thought, this is gonna be good.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Zip!

Are you talking about the Times article with Kate Vernon? I read that one and enjoyed it but if there's another that I missed, I need to go back and catch it.

I thought fer sure they were alluding to Starbuck being the Final Toaster when she discovered her own charred corpse in the downed viper. How else could she have died and still be alive?

Anyway, I agree that revealing Ellen as the FT is a little bit "meh..." but maybe they felt they couldn't draw from any of the core characters.

Happy viewing, my friend - nine episodes to go.