Thursday, January 29


I haven't done a post like this in a long time, but here goes... rockin' my pod this month (in no particular order):

Circus [Album Version] Britney Spears - Yum

Whatcha Think About That
[Stonebridge Club Mix] Pussycat Dolls feat Missy Elliott - Love, love, love this hot remix of an so-so track

Magic [Album Version] Robin Thicke - Great track (too bad it already came out, in another version in the 70s)

4 Minutes [Bob Sinclair Space Funk Mix] Madonna feat Justin Timberlake - A new take on a hot track

The Creeps [Ganga Mix] Camille Jones - A slick, hot little version of one of my favorite tunes

When You Touch Me [Freemasons Club Mix] Freemasons - Disco house funk groove booty shaker

Breakin' Dishes [Soulseekerz Club Mix] Rihanna - Great little remix of a lesser-known Rihanna song

F**cking Boyfriend [Ralphi Rosario Remix] The Bird & The Bee - Dirty song title, great song on the treadmill

I Think He's Gay [Album Version] Pussy Tourette - Wishful thinking on my part, I guess

Defying Gravity [Original Cast Recording] Wicked! The Musical - This one always makes me feel like I'm soaring


Scooter said...

GREAT songs!!! Especially love the Freemasons' song!!!

dave m said...

Circus is hot hot hot -- the new lily allen is even hotter -- i'll send you a pre-release copy ;)