Wednesday, January 28


The other night, my older sister (lesbian, flight attendant) mentioned she thought Katy Perry was a one-hit wonder. ("I Kissed A Girl" was playing on MTV Tr3s.)

"No, she isn't," I shot back.

"Well, she only has one song, and it was a hit, so..." she responded.

I told her about "Hot N Cold" and how cute the video was. But then I began wondering about what her next single was. I did a little e-search, and discovered there was a discrepancy as to what her actual "next" single was.

It seems she released two songs, at the same time, after "Hot & Cold." One of those tracks was "UR So Gay." While not as catchy, as her other singles, I have to say I liked it. It did take me a second to 'get' the song. (Lyrics include, "you're so gay, and you don't even like boys.")

For a funnier, alternate version of the cover art, click here.

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