Friday, August 4


OK, so I'm sorry to b!tch, but I just have to call somebody out their sh!t:

I've been using Bias, Inc.'s PEAK as my main music editing software for a few years now. I've upgraded (twice), and have always been 99% per cent happy with the product.

One small beef I have centers around the application's sudden inability to "remember" my user preferences. Yes, after using the app on a daily basis, it will — suddenly, and without warning — delete them. I called the company, and they said they knew about it, and were trying to figure out why it was happening, and that they'd have a "fix" for it in the future.

That fix? Version 5.0, at a cost of $179, no less! Now, I know that's not the chunk of change one would have to shell out to buy the software as a first time user, but still... it is a bit much, when you consider that the only reason I would be buying the upgrade is because the first version doesn't freakin' work! (Yes, the new version has other "advantages," but none so over-the-top that I feel the need to spend the money.)

But more importantly, I don't feel like I can trust Bias, Inc., anymore — I feel like they're just not cutting it, you know? This isn't like the time Icon Factory lied to me, sending me an email saying Xscope was going to cost one price, and then charging me more when the bill came. (Although that is high up there on the tard-metetr.) No, the f*cks, uh, I mean, folks over at Bias, Inc. are just plain ol' lazy. And I quote, " Why should we go back and fix a product, when our new version fixes the problem?"

Why? Why? I'll tell you why, you facist, son-of-a-motherless-goat! Because the product you made doesn't work! It was paid for, and it doesn't do what you said it would! Simple, really when you look at it from, oh... I don't know, the point of view of the customer. You know the customer... we're the people who keep you in business!

I'm torn: on the one hand, I've already invested so much in this software: not just money, but time and effort. On the other hand: well, let's just say the other hand feels like someone just sh!t all over it.

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Marz said...

That sucks. You are right, they are dumb. You would think that they would offer a discount on the new version since they got the first one wrong. Oh wait, I am assuming that big american business has ethics. Silly me!