Thursday, August 31


Check out the cover of the Faces Rainbow Festival magazine! That's COLT stud Brian Hansen, and boy does he look good. Faces is a joint up in Sac-Town (Sacramento, to those of you outside the Golden-Shower State).

He's such a hottie, no? A bunch of the COLT Men will be making appearances this month, and throughout the year, but since the new "Bar & Event Coordinator" can't seem to find SoCal on the map, I'm not going to plug any of their events this time.

Also, has anyone else seen Brian's debut, Big Rig - it was great, but his scene left me softer than the applesauce at a senior citizen's home. (Serioulsly, I've have bm's with more heat. It was like, in the middle of a hot movie, all of a sudden... a scene from an All Worlds video. Blech!) Oh well, maybe his next one will be better. Until then, I have this picture to hold me over.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Brian is amazing. The scene in Big Rig is not the best but the conditions during the shoot is said to have been extreme. His scene in Hard Studies is one of the best scenes i have ever seen, and i cant wait until his next movie manly heat comes out.