Monday, August 7


I love watching "My Life On the D-List," re-runs of "The West Wing" and other programs on Bravo, from time to time. My only real complaint is over the way the run the same promos over and over... and over. When launching a new program, they run promo-spots so many times, I feel like I've seen the program, well before it airs. (Oh, and recently, they've been "re-purposing" loser-programs from their parent-station, NBC... which is lame. I mean, if I didn't watch, "America's Got Talent" when it was on NBC the first time, I'm certainly not going to watch it just because they run it on a channel I like!)

Anyway, the latest program (or, at least, one of the latest), is called, "Workout." The promo for this one really gets under my skin: it starts off with whats-her-tits, saying, "People think I'm a b!tch... but I'm not."

Now, there's something odd about this statement. If people think she's a bitch, and told her to her face, she'd say, "People say I'm a bitch." But she doesn't. She says, people think she's a bitch — which means people either say it behind her back, or they don't say it at all, and she's just projecting/reading-into the way people treat her.

Bottom line: you wouldn't even bring a subject like this up unless:

a) You're a bitch, and you're proud of it. b) You're a bitch, and you're not OK with it. c) You're just a bitch. Period.

I've only seen bits'n'scraps of the show, but I have a feeling it's "c," she's just a bitch. Period.

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