Tuesday, August 29


Well, it's hats-off the bobos over at the Bravo! Network: the new show they're rolling out, Million Dollar Listings appears to be even more vapid, stomach-turning crap than... well, anything!

Right on the heels of the whole Mel Gibson fiasco, we have a show that glorifies the Melibu lifestyle... I mean, just look at the opening clip, "Welcome to Malibu, full of celebrities," bleets the bloated, tired-looking woman, only half-looking at her client, as she pulls her cell-phone hands-free device free from her ear... with her hands. (Not so hands-free, I guess.)

But this isn't my beef -- there will always be morons on TV; there are just too many stations on-air to avoid this. No, my problem with this show is that it offers nothing new, or of value. Yes, shows like Project Runway may not make for a M.E.N.S.A.-style discussion, but at least I can say I've learned a little bit more about the world of fashion. (Plus, any show with Nina Garcia deserves a place on TV: you go, sister-woman-girlfriend!)

With Million Dollar Listing, all we're left with is a the same ol' garbage! Another choice cut from the show's preview offers a montage of childish tantrum-throwing agents. Why reward this behavior? Why glorify it? Who, in any state of lucid, alert mental activity would justify it by showing off the price-tag of these homes? President Bush always says terrorists hate us for our freedom, but I think they hate us for shows like this.

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