Thursday, August 10

MOVE OVER, PNSexplosion...

Now there's something meatier! (Props to you, if you get the reference... you fossil, you.)

I have a new podcast obsession: The MoPod Show and they rock. The audio-quality leaves a little something to be desired, but what they lack in audio quality, they make up with content quality. These are some funny-@ss mos... but don't just take my word for it; you can check out the show, either via iTurds, or via their site. Either way, it is worth checking them out.

From Star Trick (perhaps the first, and only funny send-up of Star Trek ever made), to "radio dramas" like Touched By A Crackwhore, or just following the misadventures of Barbara Bush and her lesbian dolphin side-kick (yes, you read it correctly), these boys know how to tickle my funny-bone. Come to think of it, that's not the only bone they stimulate, but, uh... sorry, kids, but my baby sister reads my blog e'ryday, so I'll keep it PG-13'ish.


Marz said...

Please, we've talked about that before. Not to mention I read all your gay porn when you brought it home. You're a very good writer, BTW.

Dangina said...

Hey Zipper! Thanks for the post. We're glad you like our show...we're humbled. :) We're working on the audio but recording from 3 locations has its technical hurdles. :)

Did you know that you can be IN one of our dramas?

Email me and I'll tell you how. :)