Tuesday, August 8


OK, so I'm getting around to posting my August music picks, really... but I can't post without paying tribute to the amazing Ms. Jasmine Guy. I saw her in Chicago, when it came to town a few years ago, and she rocked. And I loved her in Dead Like Me (if you haven't seen this amazing show, they're re-running it on Sci-Fi on Tuesday nights, before that let-down of a show, Eureka.)

But what I love, and remember her most for, is the single my high school drill team threw-down to back-in-the-day. (Music: its better than carbon dating, cuz you feel how old the person is, when you hear the music.) Oh, and she was great in that TV show, back in the '80s.

Think I'm kidding? Check out the cover of the single, produced by Full Force. Yes, I said Full Force, bitches! This isn't some bullsh!t I found on the net, either kids... I scanned it from the, (and I quote) Compact Disc Maxi-Single.

(Heh, heh, heh... maxi.)


Marz said...

I wanna hear that when I get home.

Bruce said...

Holy crap Zipper!!! I saw her in Chicago too several years ago. She was amazing!!! And I have the full cd that she put out plus the remix maxi single of Try Me and the LP Maxi of Another Like My Lover! That there tells you how old that is (LP). Now I have to go home and listen to the cd and mixes again.

Wow I thought I was the only one!

bomitoni said...

"baby here's my number, you can call for freeeee, if you want real loving then tryyyyy meeeeee..."