Tuesday, September 5


I live in one of the areas affected by the recent changes to Cable TV service. (OK, if you live anywhere in SoCal, you're probably in the same boat.) There's been heavy market saturation—print, TV, online, mail—trying to convince us that changing from Adelphia to Time Warner is a step-up. They try and make us think nothing will change... which is both a lie, and not what actually need. Adelphia was a nightmare.

Even if we set aside the corrupt, illegal actives of the jerk offs who own(ed) the company, they still blew donkey d!ck. There were channels without broadcast programs, and constant service interruptions. Yet year after year, the city awarded them a closed bid contract, in which no other companies could offer competition. You have to switch to dish cable if you want something better... but that isn't regulated by city, state or national government agencies.

Why should that matter? Monopoly. No company should be able to exist in environment whey they have no incentive to improve, no reason to ever make a better product. And Time Warner now has a monopoly; much they way Getty Petrol and the Rockefeller Train Co. did, back when Anti-Trust (anti-monopoly) legislation was written. Back then the government made it priority #1 to go after these companies. Don't believe me? Drive down the 405 Fwy. in Los Angeles and check out the Getty Center, funded with money the Getty family wasn't allowed to keep because it was deemed illegal to retain that kind of profit. Or drive up to the San Joaquin valley, to see one of the many public libraries funded by the Rockefellers—libraries that are now closed, or in disrepair, due to a lack of funding.

What’s wrong with this picture?

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Marz said...

It is sad to see a reversal of all the legislative work that was done to protect the comsumer. Yet time and time again, every story ends with how the guys at the top profited and the comsumer got screwed. Why doesn't Time-Warner just be honest with us? Of course, that would mean their slogan would be something like, bend over, you are about to get screwed with your pants on. Screwed and screwed hard.