Thursday, September 7


Kristofer Weston, and the rest of the gang over at BuckshotDVD announced their next big, new release: a double-pack of manly heat. (Those are the two covers next to this post.)

I'm looking forward to seeing this one, cuz' I love just about everything they put out. (Heh, heh... put out.) I even love the older stuff, like "Muscle Ranch," as much as I love the new Buckshot classics, like "BuckleRoos." I'm also looking forward to giving Brian Hansen a chance to redeem himself. Not sure what I'm talking about? Read here.

The last release from Buckshot featured a little something for everyone. From cutie Danny Roddick, to hottie Josh Weston. (If you've never read any of Mr. Weston's writing, you're missing out.)

If you wanna know more about these, and other hot releases from Buckshot, check out their site.

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Anonymous said...

Brian Hansen redeem himself? He is the most pop new super star in the gay porn scene, so I find it hard to understand that me must "redeem" himself. I just saw that he won best actor as well as most original sex scene at the big Heatgay award show in Barcelona...We can all improve and even the best can be better, but when someone is talking about "redeem" himself to Brian Hansen, it just becomes wrong.