Thursday, September 7


I caught a little of that "Guiltiest Pleasures" special on the E! Network. Lame! There isn't really much of a justification for that network staying on the air anymore. Well, except Guilty Pleasure #455, "The Simple Life," but that's another post for another time.

Today, I'm singing the praises of MTV's Two-A-Days. Let me clarify a couple of things:

1. I hate (and yes, I mean, "hate") that they don't play music on the Music Television channel anymore.

2. I'm not into twinks, or underage guys, but...

There's something so hot about all these dumb, macho football players running around acting... well, acting really gay. Don't believe me? Check out those pics, or go to the MTV site, and watch a clip.

I have no idea what "Two-A-Day" refers to... maybe one in pinka, two-a-day in the twostinka, dunno... but it's hot.


Marz said...

Two a day is a term for when a football team doubles up on pratices. It considered the next step up, it's punishing for the teams and sometimes used as punishment when the team sucks. Think about Remeber the Titams with Denzel Washington. When he is trying to make the teams get along at football camp, he tells them they are going to two a days until they start working as a team.

Anonymous said...

I know what it means, it just makes for a better set-up for the dirrty joke.