Friday, September 1


OK, so I've been holding off on this post, for two reasons:

1. Historical accuracy: As far as I can tell, the pictures I combined to make this new photo were taken 29 years ago, today — the day they introduced me to my new, baby sister.

2. If I think about it too much, I'll cry... and that's just not pretty.

Anyone who reads (or has read any old posts on) my blog knows my life has been in the toity for a couple years. But my baby sister (who had her b-day a week ago) is just the opposite:

*She's about to start grad school, with a grant taking care of her fees'n'stuff (and they don't give that money to just anybody, y'know)
*She's been taking care of here body for a while now, and looks fab (aside to any straight guys out there: she's got a big set of bazoombas)
*She's smart, articulate, artistic and except for her obsession with lame-@ss Disney Chnl. shows (Hah! you've been outed), she's a rockin', kick-@ss person.

I'm so proud of her, and happy to count her amongst my friends. Yes, I said friends. If I met her now, I would still seek out her company—want to spend time with her. How many family members can you say that about?

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