Monday, September 11


I was utterly shocked, and saddened, to hear about the sudden (and unexplained) death of Anna Nicole "Trimspa" Smith's son. He was only 20, and died of unknown causes in the Bahamas. He was there for the birth of his baby sister, and very little is known about how he died.

Life is pretty fucker sometimes. All jokes aside, Anna Nicole's life seems to be filled with horrible twists and turns... yes, they happen to all of us. But we don't all live in the public eye the way she does, or with her obvious mental/emotional handicaps. I've been on Trimspa for a while now, and other than the occasion rash (mostly when I've had too much caffine, on top of the T'spa), and over-heating (which is actually something I've always had to deal, just like my dad, but I'm placing the blame on the Spa right now), I haven't had any of Anna's symptoms, or results. I'm losing the pounds, but at about 1/10 of the speed, uh... I mean, time, it took Anna. I don't have her plastic surgeons at my disposal, but I also don't have her problems.

Our universe is in a constant state of change, always moving, and adjusting, but trying to reach equilibrium... now matter how fucked up it may seem.

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