Thursday, September 7


Here are (more) email someone had the nerve to send:

Wherever it is hiding, the spy cam is hard at work capturing shadowy voyeur pictures
Really? Cuz I’ve been hiding my fear of commitment for a while now.

Shoocking harsdcore pisctures governing frictions
What? Even if you spelled every word correctly, I still wouldn’t know what it means. But I’d alzmoist bee willink to paye two seye itk!

Shame of sex? We can change it
Not so much shame, as lack-of.

Mouton cubic rutty mcclain bookend dooley pratt exorcise map nair grocer wink be...
Ooh-ahh, willah-wallah, bing-bang… see? I can spout nonsense, too!

Fork out with Mohammed Langston
All praise Allah! (Hey, at least it wasn't "pork-out" with Mohammed!)

We are professionals at getting you laid.
Well, it’s about time! Are you hiring? Need an extra, uh... hand?

Since I’ve seen the first erection in my pants I had a crazy dream to enlarge my…
Really? I had a much different reaction.

Say yes to impeccable sex!
Yes! Now what?

Classify yourself a new man.
OK, now what?

Juan-Your check could be waiting
We have a winner!!!

1 comment:

Marz said...

Wow, that last one they even took the time to see whose email address they purchased. Shoudl I be impressed or frightened of that?