Tuesday, September 26


Every so often, there's a trend... or phenomenon, or whatever, that makes me wonder: What am I missing? Some trends, etc., just seem to come out of nowhere. Others, like our national obsession with Deal Or No Deal (if someone could explain what's so great, please do), are just plain stupid, and cannot be explained.

But other times, I'll notice a pattern (or whatever), and wonder where it came from, and why no one else really notices it.

A while back the NY Times did a piece on all the "big name music divas" who were having a, "comeback," or at least acting as though their new album was a comeback of some-sort, or another. They cited several artists, including Beyonce, but left out another Hip Hop Sistah having a renaissance: Kelis. They've both come out with great albums this year, experiencing cross-over success in Hip Hop/R&B, and the clubs, with killer dance mix EPs and singles.

But the strange thing is they both give "shout-outs" to the Roland 808: a synth/sampler machine from way back in the day. And I mean way back, that Roland doesn't even SO make the damn thing anymore. Its mostly replicated/replaced by newer products that are based on, or inspired by the 808 series, but no one really owns one anymore. Yet both women mention it in their lyrics...

What's up with that?

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