Thursday, January 10


Leading today's political news is former Presidential candidate, and election loser, John Kerry endorsing Presidential candidate Obama. The pundits - the same pundits who swore Obama would wipe the floor with Hillary in New Hampshire this week - all claim this endorsement was a slap in the face to the other front-runners, and a sign the scales were tipping back in Obama's favor.

Really? No, really? We're playing this game again? The "Obama Is Our Savior" game? The man with no international experience, and not a single Senate bill in his name, is the inevitable choice to lead our nation... all because he's interested in, "change," without ever saying what that change is? We have a President who spent the last seven years getting on the job training: where's our economy? Our standing in the international community? Our protection from unlawful government behavior? Our constitutional rights? Thanks, Obama, but no thanks.

Besides, John Kerry lost the last election, against an unpopular president, with many of the bread and butter Democratic Party issues in his favor: domestic and human rights issues, the working and middle classes under the yolk of the fat cats and corporations... and he lost. What good is his endorsement? If a loser says he's on your side, that doesn't make you a winner.

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The Red Carpet Bagger said...

Im just starting at this blogging thing, but I really enjoy yours. Though, we disagree a bit politically. I was just writing about this very subject, so had to drop a comment.