Monday, January 14


So, I finally gave in to the hype, and saw Juno. I want to preface this mini-review with the following statement: it didn't suck. But it didn't rock, either. And it doesn't deserve the best picture buzz, either. Don't get me wrong: it was cute. A little too cute a times, and way too into itself. It had cutesy lingo, and seemed to love how clever it was, but in that way that is annoying: "Look at me, aren't I clever!"

No, not that much. Allison Janney turns in a first class performance (but what else would you expect). And Michael Cera is great, and Jasom Bateman delivers. But the performance that blew me away was Jennifer Garner. I'm not her biggest fan - she was cute in 13 Going On 30 - but I've never been really thought of her as an amazing actress... until now.

She delivers a raw, real, emotional performance... usually these kind of roles can be hard to watch. They're too much, overacted or under written, or both. But Garner delivers a heartfelt, realistic, all too human turn as the adoptive mother of smart ass Juno's bastard. I don't think it is a performance worthy of awards, but it was the first glimpse of true artistry I've seen from her.

Overall, I'd rate the movie 3 our of 5.

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