Sunday, January 13


Here (once again) are actual email sent to my Yahoo! account:

Become A New Man Max XL
If I were a new man, why would I be a fatter one?

We have an iPhone(R) waiting for you Juan
And switch to AT&T? Never!

Rita I let my sperm drip on my grandmother’s lips and face
Who is this Rita person, and why would you tell her something like that?
Classy Black Poser Chick With Huge Tits
Wow, "classy" and "huge tits" are words that were born to be together!
Busty Evelyne Shows Huge Boobs & Tight Cakes
OK, the boobs I get... but cakes? And tight ones at that?

Dirty hottie nailing right in horse stable
OK, firsty of all... no, second of all... uh, what?

Sexy Ninae Get Interracial Ride on Backseat Car
What, exactly, makes a car interracial?

Ass as scapegoat
I don't know what that means, but it would make a great punk band name!

Awesome orgy on the floor economic
Don't know what this means, either, but it sounds like some horrible Japanese to English translation of a porn title.

WonderCum has been developed to give you, the consumer, the ultimate semen
Uh, thanks but, until I know what "ultimate semen" means, I'm gonna have to pass.

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