Tuesday, January 29


I know I haven't posted much, in the way of music this month, so here's a couple of tunes for ya:

Piece of Me (Album Version / Bimbo Jones Remix) Britney Spears - A little slice of synth bitch pop tart to keep you toasty during the cold months. Not her best, but a strong return to here bubble gum pop background, while keeping with her new, trashy image.

(For a more blasphemous version of the single cover, click here.)

Kimme More (iTunes Only) Britney Spears feat Lil' Kim - This remake of Gimme More, featuring Lil' Kim is actually a lot of fun.

Green Light (Freemasons Club Mix) Beyonce - is there any funkier, greater throw down dance combo than Beyonce and the Freemasons? Easily one of the best remix duos of this decade, with one of the greatest artists of this generation... how can you go wrong?

Work (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Remix) Kelly Rowland - One third of the great girl group, Destiny's Child, is at it again, with a new solo album, Ms. Kelly. This first cut got a great remix from this relatively unknown duo. While it isn't available to the general public yet, you can catch a sneak peek of it on The DJ Cruze Podcast (December 2007), which is available for free on his web site (here), or via iTunes.

I Wasn't Kidding (Album Version / Freemasons Club Mix) Angie Stone - I recently downloaded Angie Stone's greatest hits album, Stone Hits: The Very Best of Angie Stone and was promptly blown away at how funky, soulful and great this album was. This track, in particular, has been rockin' my stereo as of late.

Doomsday (Album Version) Maurry Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Whales - A must-have for any fan of Dr. Who, this is a re-vamped version of Rose's Theme - the one that played on the two-part episode where she "died." Gorgeous, dark, haunting and yet still beautiful and emotionally uplifting, Doomsday is one of those tracks I listen to on rainy, overcast days, and just float away, letting the symphonic waves wash over me.

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