Wednesday, January 16


I've seriously been shaking my head in disbelief, seeing the popularity of American Gladiators. Yes, this resurrected 80s show topped the ratings last week, and seems to be on an unstoppable ascent. But, like any cultural phenomenon elevated by Americans, now comes the dirt (and later, the backlash).

It turns out, one of the gladiators, and one of the contestants have prior careers in porn. Contestant Belinda Gavin, who lists her occupation as "bull rider," it turns out, has an extensive porn back catalog, including titles such as Bikini Airways and Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood.

But raising even more, uh, eyebrows, is Gladiator Militia - who has a career in gay porn, as a model for COLT Studios. (Pictured here. Don't worry, it's safe for work.)

And what could be more appealing to American audiences than porn stars playing gladiator? NBC has yet to respond to this "new" information, but I doubt it will make an ounce of differences to any of the morons out there watching this show.

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