Monday, December 22


black-tress, Berbacia Clemons!

Yes, after a long absence as a commentator and contributor to Madge Weinstein's Yeast Radio Podcast (site here), the colorful (in more ways than one) and flamboyant Berbacia made a triumphant return to the podosphere in episodes #880 and #887,

If you've never heard Yeast Radio, it's kind of hard to explain. The first time I heard it, I though, What the hell? Is this a joke? Is this for real? It only took a couple of episodes for me to fall in love with bloated, visionary host of the show and the bizarre cast of characters that join her, week after week.

And what's amazing is that the show is (dangerously) smart, (apologetically) political, but still managed to make me laugh. I'm happy to see Berbacia return!

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