Monday, December 29


The news is abuzz with a horrible story: The Tennessee Republican Party Chairman, a candidate for RNC Chairman, sent out a "Holiday CD" featuring a song called Barack The Magic Negro. This is a video of the song

I have a few thoughts, after hearing this song:

1. Out-of-touch antics like this are why you lost the election, Republicans.
2. Racism is racism. There's no defending it (see article here)
3. As angry as I am about the whole Inauguration debacle, I'm not OK with garbage like this

Only in America!

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Scooter said...

This was so disgusting that my mouth dropped. I had heard about this shitty song before I listened to it on your blog...but nothing prepared me for the shock. That anyone, let alone a person in the limelight would make this is absurd. That someone would pass it out to friends as a Holiday CD is just downright offensive. I mean WTF???

That he is not denounced by his own party is equally offensive. Damn! I don't know what else to say.