Tuesday, December 16


Here are real-life subject lines from email in my Yahoo! Spam folder:

Asian cutie with bare wet feet
Wet feet, in this weather? She's asking for a cold!

Horse movie galleries

What, like "Black Beauty?"

Well-hung farmer gives his slutty employee a deep-dicking
Well, extra points for proper hyphenation!

The farm is a place of great passion as the hot slots can attest
Geeze, I guess so, since I get so many email about the farm!

Panda research – your opinion matters!
Now, is this research by pandas, for pandas, or about pandas?

Educated blonde satisfying two horny cocks
Just the cocks are satisfied? Well then, the blonde isn't that educated!

I want to be your whore, Zippersparks
Yeah, and I want to be the victim of your spam scheme!

Sexy plaid skirt tease
The Grammar Police want to know what makes the skirt so sexy

Zippersparks lets have a cup of tea

OK, if you pay

Summer Chubby taking shower
What, pray tell, is a Summer Chubby? It's obviously something, as it is capitalized.

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