Wednesday, December 10


I watched The Daily Show last night, and Governor Mike Huckabee was the guest. The talk eventually turned to gay marriage... and John Stewart went to town.

Stewart was respectful, polite and (as usual) funny. Huckabee made the argument that homosexuality, as a lifestyle, was a "choice." Stewart conceded the point, asking Huckabee to define the point at which he "chose to be straight."

Huckabee, in the book he was hawking on the show, said that the pro-choice movement was the "most shameful" social movements in our history. Stewart responded by saying the anti-gay marriage was a close second.

When Hucakbee said that if gay marriage was a right, gays made a poor case for their right to be included. Stewart responded by saying it was pathetic that gays had to even make a case that they deserved equal rights.

God, I love that John Stewart,

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Scooter said...

I love Jon Stewart! That he's cute is a PLUS, but it's his balls, wait let me rephrase that, it's his perfectly delivered sacrasm that just makes me realize we have a friend out there who gets it. We are equals fisting for the same basic rights...not special rights. I lo love that his audience understands what he's fighting for...and I think, when he's through, most of his guests do, too.