Thursday, December 18


OK, in the interest of full disclosure, I did NOT vote for Obama. (I didn't vote for McCain, either. And yes, I voted.)

I'm outraged by Obama's decision to allow Rick Warren give the invocation at his inauguration. Could you pick a more homophobic, backwards man to give the invocation? Sure - they're out there. But why pick one at all? There are plenty of popular, Christian pastors out there that could have given the invocation... why pick this one?

I guess we know where Obama's loyalties are, and who his friends are...

I thought I would get a break from the slogan I've had for the past eight years: "He's not my president!" But I guess not.

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Scooter said...

I am deeply offended that he chose Rick Warren to give his invocation. I don't believe the crap that he did so to "create a dialog." If that's the case, he could have chosen a white supremist or someone from the Taliban. Color me sadly disappointed.