Sunday, December 7


According to (article here), ABC is not renewing (read, canceling) Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies. These are two of my favorite shows... I'm so sad.

Both programs show an extraordinary attention to proper character development and well-developed story arcs. Both shows were a visual treat, with great attention paid to music and color. Both shows were fresh and unique, something that seems to be lacking, across all networks.

Both of these wonderful programs are being left out to dry, while insipid shows like The Bachelor, somehow manage to keep coming back.

Attempts to save both shows have already sprung up. You can do your part at one of these sites:
Save Pushing Daisies (fan forum site here)
Save Pushing Daisies (fan blog here)
Save Eli Stone (petition now closed)
Save Eli Stone (fan forum site here)

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Scooter said...

That's terrible. Pushing Daisies and True Blood are the only shows I watch. :(