Monday, December 8


According to a report published in The Los Angeles Times a while back, sewer systems all over the world are full of drugs. No, people aren't flushing drugs down the toitey. The presence of illicit drugs is because pf all the drug users peeing and pooing.

Yes, someone actually went around testing municipal waste systems for specific drug content! (Doesn't that sound like a fun job?) Some of the findings from this "environmental" study:
  • Meth levels are higher in Las Vegas than Omaha or Oklahoma City
  • Los Angeles has more cocaine in its sewage than most major European cities
  • Heroin use is higher in London than other major European cities - other standouts included cities in Italy and Switzerland (London won by about 100 grams per 1000 people)
  • Marijuana users outnumber ecstasy and meth users in Milan and Lugano
  • Milan uses twice as much cocaine as its last government report on drug abuse and arrests suggested
  • In Los Angeles County, Palmdale and Lancaster had the highest level of cocaine in their systems - Long Beach and Valencia had the lowest

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