Monday, September 10


While cruising the interwebs today, I came across this great photo over at Perez Hilton's blog. I have to take back my comments about not adding to the shit storm surrounding Britney Spear's so-called comeback... this side by side comparison of Madonna and Britney, in the same outfit says it all.

And don't bother saying that Britney's body is in poor shape because she had a baby - Madonna still looks this good, and she's had children as well, albeit after this photo was taken.

Making matters worse, if you've seen both performances (Britney, last night, and Madonna, from The Girlie Show Down Under), you see an obvious difference between the two pop artists. If you haven't seen either performance, you can watch it here. To watch the Madonna performance, go to YouTube and search for "Fever" from the The Girlie Show concerts.

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