Tuesday, September 4


Recently, I was concerned my blog was on the verge of being too negative, too down on the world. Then, I woke up to the news today. Many stories in the day's new caught my eye, but only one sparked my outrage. Over the weekend, the MDA held its annual telethon to raise money. Like every year, the event was hosted by "comedian" Jerry Lewis. (I put it in quotes, because I never thought he was funny.)

Whether or not you like Lewis' films or live performances, there's no denying that he screwed this one up. During the course of his live telecast, he made a derogatory comment (he calls it a joke), referring to someone as an, "illiterate fag." He later offered a half-@ss apology, saying that anyone who knew him knew he didn't hold any prejudices against gays, and that he was sorry if anyone was offended. He didn't say he was sorry he said it.

This isn't the first time he's gone off the reservation... a few years back, he made a comment insinuating that women comedians couldn't be funny. When asked about the comment on Larry King's talkshow, he denied saying it, but clarified his belief that women, as life-givers couldn't be funny the way men could. And that he had never seen a female comedian he found funny.

Maybe someone should hold a telethon to help Jerry Lewis buy a clue.

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