Wednesday, September 19


Here are actual SPAM email I received in my Yahoo! account:

67% of members got laid
And I think you're 100% full of sh!t

All-expenses-paid trip: Here are your 2 Oprah Winfrey show tickets
You know, I'm sad to say, I deleted this one without checking it... and the even sadder part is that I actually entered the contest on to win tickets to this season.

A question for you - Anna Nicole or Marilyn?
Neither! Steve McQueen.

Be like Ron Jeremy!
What, fat, hairy and a has-been?

You’ve Been Picked To Be A Mystery Shopper For The Month of September
The real mystery here is who would fall for this phishing expedition.

Hunk screws his mate in the bathroom
No thanks, I get enough of this on MSNBC's coverage of the Sen. Craig scandal!

Cynthia Gets Drill In Cartoon Box
I'm not sure why Cynthia recieved a drill as a gift, or what kind of box a "cartoon" box is, but (as always), grammar counts, people!

F*ck them and chuck them. These girls are paid to leave.
Really? So the sex is free?

Haven’t we met somewhere before, Zippersparks?
No. But nice try.

I Love Thee
Thou art a liar, and a scoundrel!

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