Wednesday, September 26


When I first hear Doritos and hip hop diva Missy Elliott were teaming up to produce an interactive music mash-up site (click here to visit), I was pretty damn excited. I mean, Missy Elliott is nothing short of a brilliant producer, one-of-a-kind MC and musical visionary. So the chance to make a musical creation (no matter how lame the product tie-in may be), sounded like a dream come true.

With hits like, "Get Ur Freak On," and the ground-breaking, "Work It," Missy broke ground, both as a hip hopper in the world of pop, and a woman in the world of hip hop, and the music industry, as a whole. The music (and entertainment) industry remains largely a man's world, but over the past decade, Missy broke down barriers, struck out on new artistic paths and set new records with her many works. As a producer, artist, MC and role model (for her anti-violence, pro-woman work), Missy Elliott is an artist destined to be remembered for generations to come.
So imagine my dismay when the Doritos site turned out to be heavy on the flash, and low on substance. Yes, I'm impressed by the slick interface, and smooth graphics. Even some of the beats are Missy-tastic. But the user-end of the site is clunky (at best), and doesn't really feel like an opportunity to contribute anything significant or unique. (You can, however, record your own lyrics, but any music producer will tell you: there's no point in laying down lyrics when your beats are so whack.

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