Tuesday, September 25


Well, we're off to the races with Fall 2007 TV now underway, with ABC winning the first full night of programming. According to the folks over at MediaWeek.com, Dancing With The Stars helped ABC win the night. CBS came in second, even though the majority of its shows saw a down-trend in viewers. NBC came in third, followed by Fox. (Fox, oddly enough, has been advertising its Monday night newbie show, K-Ville as, "the number one new drama on TV. I guess that could be true, but less impressive when you realize K-Ville debuted last week, a week before any other show... it's easy to be #1 when you're not competing with any other new shows.) On a high note, NBC's Heroes came in second overall, which is a good sign. To read the numbers yourself, click here. (It's a decent site, but the design and interface need a ton of work.)

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