Saturday, October 20


A little hobby I have is GUI, or Graphic User Interface. From design to application, I love tricking out my work/play environment. I love customizing my desktops, folder backgrounds and even make my own icons.

But one of the best parts about being a GUI dork is cruising the many user sites a forums to check out other people's icons and desktops. I don't usually talk, or blog, about this, as it is a topic both foreign and boring to most people.

On a more random note, last night, I saw a great film. It's called Idiocracy. It starred one of the Wilson brothers, Mya Rudpolph (from SNL) and a host of great, character actors. The plot is simple: two people of average intelligence are cryogenically frozen, only to wake up over 500 years in the future when the rest of the world is stupid. And I mean, stupid. No one reads, the water their plants with a Gatorade-like substance and they all talk like guests on Jerry Springer.

And then, this morning, I saw this image preview posted in an icon design forum... for badges.

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