Wednesday, October 3


Well, tonight's the night... ABC rolls out the much-anticipated, much-hyped drama-comedy Pushing Daisies. The good news? The show creator, Bryan Fuller (IMDB here), has a long track record of great shows. He worked on the NBC breakout hit, Heroes. And he created the fabulous, but short-lived, Wonderfalls. But the show he created deserving the most fanfare has to be the wonderful, witty, heartfelt drama-comedy Dead Like Me (IMDB here).

The bad news? Fuller has a well-documented reputation of diva-like behavior. Despite being one of the most creative, unique artists in the TV medium... he has a history of fighting with TV executives - so much so, that many of his shows come to an early death because of it. (If the rumors are to be believed.) Wonderfalls only lasted about 14 episodes with Fuller at the helm. And Dead Like Me, while surviving all the way to a second season, only had Fuller's full creative touch for (wait for it) 14 episodes. If the stats are to be believed, then we better enjoy these first few episodes of Pushing Daisies. Even though its on at the same time as Kid Nation (read my comments on KN here), I plan on investing in Fuller and his crop of Daisies.

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