Monday, October 15


Hey y'all... I've been getting some feedback about old You Tube clips I've blogged that are no longer available. And I'm happy to announce I've update the following clips/links for your interwebs enjoyment:

The Sanah-Sahs (The Simple Life, Season 3)
This clip was brung to my attention by my older sister, Laura. It is way addictive, and everyone I've shown it to ends up singing the song... over, and over, and over again.

To watch this clip, click here.

Family Guy TV Tribute (The Emmys, 2007)
I found this clip online, and it was featured on a couple of clip-shows. I uploaded it as part of pair for Family Guy clips I found online. One clip went up for my cousin's hubby, Doug, and the other went up for my cousin, Julie.

So here's that clip (again). Click here to watch.

And remember, you can browse all the You Tube clips I've blogged by clicking on the post label, "You Tube." You can also click on the post's screen itself, and it should take you to that video's You Tube page.

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