Friday, October 12


I'm so very super, sit up and slap yo' mama excited for the return of MTV's Run's House. They recently set the premiere date for the new season of this super show, and even though I feel like I'm watching too much television to begin with, I'm going to watch. (I'll probably cut down on some other shows, which I'll blog about next week.)

If you're not familiar with Run's House, it follows the life and times of Rev. Run (of Run DMC fame, and an actual reverend) and his amazing family. They're incredible to watch because even though they're ultra-rich and uber-famous, they come across as a super down-to-earth and real... which is an oddity in the world of reality television.

I won't get up on some pseudo-platform about the importance of family values in our current social climate... but I will go so far as to say that watching this family is refreshing, entertaining and worthwhile.

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