Monday, October 8


I have to say, I only sorta liked the first episode of ABC's Pushing Daisies. I loved the look, the writing (mostly) and thought the casting was extraordinary. I'm not a big fan of dramatic TV voice-overs, and this was no exception. The narration, while creative and spirited, started to annoy me after a while. But I still enjoyed the show, as it had a few surprises in store.

The biggest surprise, and perhaps one of the best parts of the show was the plot with Swoozie Kurtz (IMDB here) and Ellen Greene (IMDB here). If you don't know these names, they're stars of such gems as Cruel Intentions and Little Shop of Horrors, respectively. They played a pair of house-bound, former aquatic starlets. Hilarious. I'm tuning in to the next episode, mostly for them.

(Special thanks to The Pile of Purge blog for the photo. See more Purge here.)

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